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NERO 1.5x Adapter

BLAZAR NERO 1.5x Anamorphic Adapter

Metal Front & Rear Cap

Travel Bag

52-49mm Step Down Ring

52mm is a standard thread size that can be easily adapted to other thread sizes using step-up/step-down rings. Please note that using a step-down ring may cause vignetting issues.

Great Joy 1.8x Anamorphic

No, due to our optical structure optimization, the 35mm will only give flare toward the strong light. You can refer to the images on the WORK page.

Great Joy 35mm lens is not a rear anamorphic nor the hybrid one. It is the front anamorphic lens.

Yes, the PL&EF mount option lens is swappable.

*Other mount options ( RF/E/L/MFT) are not swappable to other mounts.

Based on our current test results, the following cameras are compatible: Zcam-E2 (with built-in filters), Mavo Mark2/Edge/LF, BMPCC6K, BMPCC6K Pro, BMPCC6K URAS Mini Pro, RED Monstro 8K VV/Komodo/V-Rapter/DSMC2 Models, Canon SLR cameras, and Canon EF mount cine cameras, compatible with Canon original EF-RF adapter ring.

*Speed boosters and adapters with built-in filters or glass elements are not compatible.

Both the focus ring and iris ring are standard 0.8 modulus gears with 98 teeth.

We currently only carry 35/50/85mm focal options. For more focal, please follow up on our website if we have any focals coming.

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